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Registration on Windows 8.1


Getting this when trying to register on Windows 8.1, if it's at all helpful or hints as to why this is happening, I upgraded from Windows 7, had to re-install Pinkie, and now I'm getting this. Link to a screenshot below:

The program seems to function perfectly fine otherwise on Windows 8.1.

Thanks for the great program! I use it heavily, and I've also recommended this to numerous networking buddies. :)

I should probably be more specific too, going from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, I lost a lot of my apps and had to re-install. My bet is this was one of the deemed 'incompatible' applications by Windows 8.1.

Also, this error pops up about 5 seconds after clicking 'Register' once I've filled in all the necessary info, first, last, email, company etc.

Hope this helps!

Brian Dao:
Sorry for the delay in reply.

I've been having some issues with the mail server/activation server.  Still trying to get my hands around all that so the activation should be functioning now.



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